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DOTS DOLCE | Socially | Social Media Agency

Socially is delighted to announce that we have been retained by DOTS DOLCE to manage and grow their social media presence.

DOTS DOLCE is a brand that offers a great range of products including Bubble Tea, Rolled Ice-Cream, Milkshakes, Gelato & Sorbet, Croffle/Brioche Combos and much more.

Socially has been tasked with creating content which will help explain the DOTS DOLCE range of products to their target audience as not everyone understands what a Croffle or a Bubble Tea might be.

This content will involve video work, reel creation, animations and more. The content also needs to also be consistent with the DOTS DOLCE branding and so needs to be bright, colourful and engaging.

The initial work will involve both Instagram and Facebook posts but will quickly expand to include the TikTok platform also.

Socially will also manage all scheduling and posting and future promotions of the content to reach and grow their social following.

We look forward to working with Shaheem, Hasina, Annamarie, Alisha and all the DOTS DOLCE team on this collaboration!

Should your own business need assistance with your social media activity, please reach out to our team here in Socially on (046) 906 0153 or via