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Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy services are aimed at those companies who have been using social media for a period of time, possibly for many years, but now feel the need for a reset. They may have become unsure about the effectiveness of their efforts or about the ROI they are receiving. They may need fresh ideas around content or the channels they use and they may want to rethink everything they are doing and re-imagine their whole strategy.
At Socially, we can assist with evaluating all the current social media output and the channels being used and help our clients get clarity about what they are looking to achieve and how they to get there.

Goals & Objectives

When were the goals and objectives last discussed? In some cases, they may never have been. We start off by revisiting any goals and objectives previously set and evaluating them for current relevance.

Campaign Analytics

What analytics are available for any previous campaigns? This may indicate areas which were successful as well as areas which were not and this data can be used for future strategy decisions.

Evaluating Success

If there were measures for success previously defined, are they still relevant? What now constitutes success for you? How are you going to determine if it is making a difference in your business? Will you measure ROI?

Audience Identification

What are the demographics of your current audience? Are they engaging with you? Are they the right audience? Do you need to re-define your audience? This may impact on message and platforms used.

Your Message

What are you saying to your current audience? Are you providing them with solutions to problems? Are they accepting your message? How are you measuring that? How are you showing your expertise?

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors and what are they now doing? Are they utilising new channels? Have they improved their content, eg video? Have they increased post frequency? Are they committing to increased ad spend?

Channel Relevance

Are you using certain channels because that’s what you’ve always used? Is you audience still there? Are you trying to position yourself differently than before? Is the demographic you are targeting somewhere different than it used to be?

Voice Relevance

Is there a wider brand rethink happening? Does this impact on the voice you use on social media? Your original authentic voice may no longer be consistent with a revamped brand image.

Content Calendar

Are you posting consistently? Are you a social media content calendar? How are you generating content to post? Are you generating content in different formats than before, eg video?

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