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Social Media Training

To help individuals and organisations implement their social media roadmap, we provide social media training to ensure clients are confident about how to create social media content, what formats and sizes for which channel, how to effectively use a content calendar, how to automatically schedule posts, the purpose of hashtags, how to evaluate performance and more.
At Socially, we give our clients the confidence to use social media based on an understanding of what they are trying to achieve, how they are going to achieve it and the tools necessary to both execute and evaluate.

Goal & Success Clarity

As part of the roadmap process, we identify goals, objectives and what success looks like. We confirm with training clients that there is clarity around these. What do you primarily want to use social for?

Audience Targeting

We identified your audience in the roadmap process and in our training programs, we teach you how to find and reach them online via their profiles, interests, hashtags and more.

How to use Platforms

Each social media channel has its own user interface for posting. We walk you through your chosen channels and using test postings, ensure you are 100% comfortable with the posting process.

Content Creation

Depending on your chosen channel, media and text content will need to be prepared to different formats and specifications. Our training will provide you with the latest spec sheets for optimal post creation.

Content Calendar

One of the keys to social media engagement success is regular post frequency. Our training will show you how to create your own content calendar to ensure you always have content ready to go.

Scheduled Posts

Depending on your role, there may not be time available each day for social media posting. We will cover how to use the best tools available for each platform for delivering automated posts.


You will want to evaluate performance so we show you how to effectively measure reach and engagement so you can refine your approach over time to ensure continual audience growth.

For social media success, train with Socially