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Campaign Management

Social Media Campaign Management

Your overall social media strategy will cover the why, how and where social media is used by a company over the medium to longer-term. In any short-term period however, this social media strategy will require different individual social media campaigns delivering specific goals such as growing the social communities for your brand or engagement campaigns designed to build customer loyalty or sell products.
So each social media campaign is a strategic effort aimed at accomplishing a specific business or marketing goal through the use of social media networks in a given time period.
At Socially, we can manage and deliver such campaigns on your behalf independently or in collaboration with your team.

Goal Setting

In collaboration with the client, we would discuss what the specific goals we are looking to achieve, what the time period is, what promotional budget may be available and who will be involved.

Campaign Brainstorming

Once the goals have been outlined, we will either independently or in collaboration with the client, brainstorm what type of social media approach is best-placed to achieve the desired outcome.

Audience Targeting

Who will we need to target? What are the demographics of this audience? This will imact on what social media channels we use and the content used to achieve the stated campaign goals.

Social Media Channels

Based on both the client’s existing social media presence and on the channels most suitable for meeting the agreed campaign goals, one or more social media channels will be selected for the campaign.

Gather & Create Assets

Social media assets including imagery, video and text copy may already be available from the client. Some existing assets may need to be re-purposed. Other assets may need to be created.

Create Content Calender

Based on the campaign time period and the assets available, we would schedule the full series of posts to be published with consideration given to consistency of brand voice and the creation of a funnel.

Launch & Promote

Begin publishing and promoting your content aiming at the audience previously identified. We would use A/B testing to ensure optimal post performance and to focus budget on the best performing content.


As with any ad campaign, it is vital that the campaign performance is being constantly measured so that adjustments and improvements can be made to the post content and the target audience.


The client needs to be kept informed on a regular basis as to the progress of the campaign as it relates to their own business goals and targets and so regular reporting forms part of our campaign management.

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