Facebook is undoubtedly the best-known social media platform and is currently the largest with 1.3 billion users. Reports during 2013 of wholesale Facebook abandonment, a dip of 3% between Q2 and Q4, probably overstated Facebook's demise as it still leads the way by some distance in terms of users and activity.

Key Info

  • Most popular social media platform in Ireland with 1.3m users.
  • 62% of all its account owners are active monthly ( the highest of all social ).
  • Most popular brand in Ireland is Penneys with 422,964 Local Fans.

How Socially can help your brand or business

Our social media team will work with you to identify the products, services or events you wish to promote. We will then help you develop focussed campaigns and engagement strategies to deliver quantifiable results using the following Facebook tools:

  • Facebook advertising (create your own ads in the class)
  • How to run Facebook Promotions
  • The various ways to post
  • How to personalise your page effectively
  • How to understand and use Facebook Page Insights

Other Social Media Channels

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Screenshot of Primark's facebook Page