Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

What is engagement

Social Media Engagement involves interacting with an established audience using social media channels.

The purpose of the social media engagement may be to build on community loyalty, promote new products or services or to improve the relationship between companies and followers or clients.

Social media engagement allows you to instantly relate with individuals and keep them informed by using the various tools and features available on social media.

Providing information to target individuals on social media sites can be done by posting or tweeting, creating hashtags, starting conversations, sharing media content and running contests. These are all made easy by social media networks.

You can forward company messages in just a few seconds and expect thousands to get it within the next few hours. You can further assess your online status and determine how the target audience responded to your various strategies by viewing charts and graphs given by social media analytical tools. Many of the features are free so you can save more on advertising.

Why do I need it?

Social media engagement is time consuming so companies and brands need reassurance that there will be a bottom line ROI for their efforts.

The following are some of the benefits of social media engagement:

It showcases you as an industry leader.

Follower engagement means that you constantly check with your followers to determine their current needs. You should also respond to their requests and queries immediately.

It shows you care.

Online users can easily be turned off by online accounts that seem to be only interested in making a quick buck.

It shows personality.

You become more approachable to current and potential followers by communicating with them all the time. It is recommended to share your casual side even when using a business account to show people that there's a real human being operating the profile. It will put you in a better position than robotic accounts that answer in a generic way.

It guides the company.

Even the company itself will benefit as you get information from customer questions, feedback and comments.

You get to meet other experts.

Some of the followers you engage with are actually experts in the industry. If you show that you truly care about the customers, these social media experts will be willing to help you grow the business further by spreading information to their own followers.

These successful individuals on social media are most likely followed by thousands of users too so it will be helpful for your cause to make friends and build strong relationships with these key individuals.

You can gauge how you're doing.

Companies should constantly monitor how their recent campaign and strategies benefited the company. Take time to get customer feedback and even set up a complaints page so you can improve on your weak points.

So how do I do it?

Build your audience just as you would in real life – by acting like a real person and by devoting real time to individual relationships. This method will take longer than those twitter bots, but will leave you with authentic connections.

Don't get caught up in followers, likes, or check-ins. If you keep doing what you love, share your creativity and inspiration.

Don't just use social media as another platform for company press releases. Take the time to delve into what others are doing and share their work with your community – that kind of generosity and collaborative interaction goes a long way. It's a complete rejection of the "all about me" tendencies that the Internet can breed, and it's what lays the foundation for lasting communities to support you and your work.

However, It's all well and good to tweet about what you had for lunch, or share party pics on Facebook, but what if you want to use social media to achieve a specific goal? Perhaps to garner support for a creative project, or build awareness about a product you're launching. How then do you wade through all the social media speak and interact with people in a way that will make a difference to your mission, not just create more idle chatter?

A great way to engage your community is to ask for their input. Share your experiences, and ask for something back from them.

Find these conversations and get involved – keep the message short but let your passion show. Use plenty of visuals. Instagram is a great place to start documenting your ideas from start to finish.

The best way to get people excited about what you're doing is to let your passion show. Share the process, ideology, and execution.

However, Nothing comes off as more suspiciously non-human than frantically beating people with enthusiasm about your ideas and products. Find a balance, and be authentic.