Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

A Social Media Strategy will cover the medium-term approach as to why and how and where social media is used by a company and may incorporate multiple campaigns ranging from campaigns designed to grow the social communities for that brand to engagement campaigns designed to build customer loyalty or sell products.

So each Social Media Campaign is a strategic plan aimed at accomplishing SMART business or marketing goals through the use of social media networks.

At Socially, we find that two of the most common Social Media Campaigns involve the following:

Community Building - Once your company has established profiles on the top social networks, it is time to build up that audience.

At Socially, we accomplish this partially through social media optimisation and other promotional strategies to your existing customer base; however, we also can do this even more rapidly by creating campaigns to stimulate the growth of your communities and gain new followers.

Branding - Includes any campaign designed to expose your company or brand to a new audience. This may be accomplished through viral strategies, optimisation of your social media presence to encourage sharing of your company's news, or through social media advertising.

Feedback & Testing - Social media offers a reliable source of users of your products or services and social networks are a great place to test new ideas on these brand evangelists.

How Socially creates a Social Media Campaign for your brand.

Socially has a custom approach to the implementation of a social media strategy and campaign. No matter what level of expertise you have, we always has something to offer.

Here are the steps we take in running a successful social media campaign:

  • Determine goals
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Determine which social networks will be used
  • Create the assets to be used in the campaign
  • Implement the campaign assets
  • Launch the campaign
  • Promote the campaign
  • Measure & adjust (if needed)