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ios 14.5 update

All of the talk in marketing and social media management circles recently has been about the new update for iOS devices.  The 14.5 update will have an impact on advertising as Apple are trying to increase the privacy of their users.

The main change is, now app developers have to ask permission to be able to track the users data and the user now even has the option to deny all tracking altogether.  This new update will definitely have negative impacts on businesses that rely a lot on tracking data to advertise.

What are the impacts of the new update?

  • Remarketing and retargeting campaigns are impossible
  • The Facebook pixel used on ads will have no use
  • Targeting options will be extremely limited

Facebook themselves have had their say on the topic:

“[Updates] hurting small businesses and publishers who are already struggling in a pandemic. These changes will directly affect their ability to use their advertising budgets efficiently and effectively”.

Apple state that anyone that has opted to deny the tracking will be “invisible to Facebook”

Ways to work around the new update are:

  • Exclude iOS devices from targeted conversion ads
  • Create more lead generation ads
  • Try more email campaigns

With iOS devices only making up around 13% of the market, we feel that this won’t be a huge problem but nonetheless it is something that may become a future problem if Android devices follow suit.