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Introduction to Clubhouse - invite-only social media audio platform

Clubhouse, for those of you that aren’t aware is an invite only audio chat social network platform exclusively for iOS.  People can participate in chats in private rooms and host chats to offer up opinions and advice on a chosen subject.  Launched in 2020, it already has a multi million dollar valuation and has drawn in a list of celebrity speakers (creators) such as Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah.

So, is Clubhouse actually worth downloading?  Let me take you through the pros and cons along with the latest news.

If you stumble upon the right room, Clubhouse can be exactly what you are looking for.  You can be as interactive as you want with no obligation to speak up, if you want to sit and listen to all around you, you can.  It can be compared to a live, interactive podcast where you can put up your hand and ask questions.

The purpose isn’t only for questions and answers, another great thing about this audio chat app is that there is a room for pretty much anything.  There’s rooms with key speakers talking about their chosen industry, rooms for recent sport events and even rooms where people can get together and pray.  Clubhouse definitely has something for everyone.

There is only two real down sides to Clubhouse, but they could just be enough to keep you from accepting that elusive invite in the future.  So, what are they I hear you ask.  As Clubhouse gets more and more popular, what comes along with it is bigger and bigger rooms.  Rooms which then become less worthwhile as it loses the intimacy and interactivity with every new person that joins, when you raise your hand to ask a question to the host you could be in a line behind hundreds of people.  The other downside is who are you actually asking the question to?  What has made them an expert in the field and why should you trust them over the person in the next room?  So I think that can cause great trepidation as to whether you’re listening to the person you actually should be listening to.

Latest Clubhouse news:

Clubhouse has introduced Clubhouse Payments so you can send money to your favorite hosts and speakers.  Clubhouse says it has introduced these payments to “Support the creator community“.  Which is great for the creators, but also it ensures the creators don’t want to leave the platform so it is good news for Clubhouse too as Facebook is already developing it’s own app to challenge Clubhouse.

So in conclusion Clubhouse is definitely worth a shot, it’s interactive, informative and you can chat to people about a chosen topic without the need for being on camera trying to hide the messy room behind you or keeping the overly inquisitive toddler away from the screen. But get in before everybody else does.