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Socially - Twitter trial super follow

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a SUPER FOLLOW!

What exactly is a super follow?  A super follow is a new feature being trialed by Twitter to help users monetize their profiles by offering exclusive content to paying members.  Twitter will offer the chance for creators to place exclusive content in a separate space to the general content, this gives content creators more incentive to use Twitter and not move elsewhere.  This new trial also gives Twitter the opportunity to be less reliant on ads with revenue coming in from super follow subscriptions.

While creating this option to give the user a better experience with less ads, Twitter will also be taking content away from the users that don’t want to pay for their daily Twitter fix.  Along with the super follow button will come a new layout of users profiles, but Twitter will give options to choose from.  These include the big super follow button and a tip button to accept follower donations all laid out in various ways.