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TikTok auto captions

Accessibility in each and every app out there makes the worlds technology inclusive to everyone.  Facebook have made it possible that keyboard shortcuts can be used with screen readers, Twitter are testing voice tweets and now TikTok are introducing auto captions to their platform amongst many other steps to make sure as many people as possible are included

Already, TikTok has brought in many new features to help people with visual impairments

Given the visual nature of our platform, we've designed a number of improvements, starting with features that help those with visual impairments.

These improvements include:

  • Text to speech – which converts text to a generated voice
  • Creator Warning – This tells creators when they have made a video that could possibly trigger a photosensitive reaction
  • Photosensitivity skip – This allows users to skip possible triggers to a seizure

TikTok say they are “investing in accessibility” and have generated these captions working alongside charities for hearing impairments.

We at Socially definitely approve of these features and hope that many more companies will follow in their footsteps.