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Socially - hashtag research

In todays world of social influencers and ecommerce, hashtags are an essential part of your campaign strategies.  Using the wrong hashtags will mean your post or promotion isn’t being shown to who you intended it for.  This is where your hashtag research comes in to play.  If you’re not entirely sure how to research your hashtags or where to start, I’ll give you a few links to research tools you can use.  But first a quick tip.  If on you’re posting to Instagram and need to think of some hashtags to use (you can use up to 30) instead of leaving the app to do some research, type whatever comes into your head you think is relevant into the search bar and Instagram will show you whether or not the word(s) are a used hashtag AND will show you how many people are using it.

Hashtag research tools on offer are:

  • Hashtagify – This tool offers a 7 day free trial to a view of $29 per month after.  Hashtagify will show you how popular a chosen hashtag is, how much it is trending daily and weekly and also show you the top accounts using it.  Will also offer you variations on your hashtag so you can use several different hashtags for the same topic.  For example a search for #SocialMedia also shows #DigitalMarketing.  The more expensive paid plans offer tracking of your hashtag in real time too.
  • RiteTag – RiteTag offers a very cool feature where it allows you to place text and an image in a box, and it will offer you several hashtags based on what it has read and based on the image.  Also offering you the chance to compare hashtags allowing you to see how many times per hour it has been used and how many retweets it has received per hour too.  A lot of this is included in their free options but there are features available to paid members, such as a chrome extension.  Allowing you to right click on an image to receive hashtag suggestions.  The fee for this and other features is just $49 for the year.
  • TweetReach – TweetReach gives users free analysis of 100 hashtags before initiating a payment plan (cheapest being $49 per month) the analysis offered includes the estimated reach of the hashtag, how much its been seen and the activity associated with it too.

These are just a pick of the many research tools out there, these ones include more information than you’ll get anywhere else.  Other tools include: