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At Socially we love to bring our followers the latest news in the world of social media, what we also love to do is to give you a few tips and tricks to make your life online easier.

Instagram.  The media sharing platform for on the go influencers. Sharing pictures while out and about has never been so easy. But what if you manage an Insta account or maybe a couple and you’re not able to share on the go and get sent the images to post to share from your office.  You’re given 2 options on how to post.  Use a 3rd party scheduler, or cheat the system and email all the content to yourself and post from your phone.  Both of which are a bit of a hassle because you can’t post on Insta on your desktop.  Can you?

Don’t worry, Socially has your back.  In just a few steps you can post from your desktop without any hassle.

  • Open Instagram on your computer (obviously)
  • On your profile, right click over on the left hand side and click “Inspect”
Instagram tips
  • On the new menu that popped up select mobile view (top left of menu)
Instagram tips
  • Refresh the page and you’re good to go!

Once you’re done, click back over to desktop view and refresh the page and you’ll be back to normal.  These steps can save you time in the future and make your Insta life a lot easier!  we’ll bring you more tips in future posts!