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Facebook social skills

To give people more knowledge on what exactly social media managers are, Facebook has decided to create a 7 part video series.  In each of these videos we follow a different social media manager who then takes us through how they started, what they do and what company they work for.  Along the way, there are tips given out to the viewer on how to manage  successful accounts.

The first episode follows Sana Javeri Kadri Co. Founder and CEO of Diaspora, a successful spice brand that sources spices from small farms across India.  Sana explains how she uses Facebook and Instagram shops as well as the live features to engage with her consumers.  Check out the video below.

Social Skills episode 1

If you’ve been inspired by Sana’s story and would like to get a kick start in social media, get in touch with us and we can talk you through our training options.