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Social media marketing tips

Social media marketing is pretty self explanatory, but just in case.  Social media marketing is using social media platforms to promote your product or service.

Sounds easy? well, it’s not and it takes a lot of work and a team of professionals to get right.  Unfortunately it isn’t just a case of creating a post and hoping for the best.  Socially is here to make things a little easier for you, not only can we take control and manage your social media channels to grow your brand, we also provide free daily tips on our own social channels.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Incase you’ve missed any, below are numbers 1 – 10.

  1. Never be too busy to post, Use a scheduler to save time. –  Make the most of on platform or 3rd party scheduling tools to save your precious time by scheduling your posts all in 1 go.
  2.  Initiate engagement, comment on other posts. – Engagements can be hard to come by organically. Comment on other pages posts to show your name out to the world.
  3.  Analyse & optimise, use platforms own analytics tools to tweak future posts. – Use the analytics and insights tools on each platform to stay at the top of your game.
  4.  Facebook Live receives 6x more interactions than video. – Your reach can be given a massive boost is you use Facebook Live.  Stuck for ideas on what to use Live for? Head over to our Insta page and we give you a few ideas.
  5.  Ask for and share user generated content. – With user generated content you can build a solid customer/brand relationship and build a loyal following.  Plus it’s free!
  6.  Don’t be shy, share your good customer reviews. – Sharing your reviews may seem like bragging but it really isn’t!  It shows potential customers that you are trustworthy and provide a good service/product.
  7.  Distinguish between meaningful metrics and vanity metrics. – Which metrics give you the most genuine information on your social media progress? Those metrics are your meaningful ones.
  8.  Post discount codes on your socials to drive website conversions. – Who doesn’t love a discount?!  Put your social media pages to work and post discount codes for your followers. This will drive traffic to your website and increase conversions!
  9.  Set social media goals and objectives. – With goals and objectives, you can then build your strategies around them and figure out the best way to be seen.
  10.  Create a content calendar for consistent posting. – Content calendars are an essential part of your social media strategy. They give you a specific plan to stick to for the month and keep everything in order when your daily routine can be everything but!

There you have it!  That is volume 1 of Socially’s social media marketing tips.  If you can’t get enough, keep an eye on our Instagram page where a new tip goes up everyday!