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Social media marketing tips

Last week we brought you volume 1 of our social media marketing tips.  It’s time for volume 2!  We’ll bring you tips numbered 11 – 20 that we post over on our Instagram page each day.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

  • Pay attention to social media trends – The difference between 10 people and 1,000 people seeing your posts is whether it’s relevant or not.  Keep an eye on the latest trends to stay relevant.
  • Treat each of your social media channels uniquely –  Don’t be repetitive! Treat each of your social channels like separate employees doing their own job.
  • Carousel posts pull 3x the engagements of other Instagram post types – The Instagram algorithm WANTS you to reach people with more of your content.  With carousel posts you can share up to 10 images In a single post. Instagram favours these posts over single images.
  • 91% of social media views are on mobile, so record and post in portrait mode – 91% of social media views are on mobile. Recording and posting in portrait mode will suit mobile views more than if recorded in landscape mode.  Get to know that different channels preferred aspect ratios. E.g. Instagram stories is 9:16.
  • 45 – 54 year old’s click on Facebook ads most – Know who is seeing your ads. A recent report shows 45 – 54 year old’s click through on Facebook ads more than any other age range.
  • When selecting an influencer, make sure & check their engagement rate – A micro-influencer with 10K followers and a high engagement rate could be more beneficial than an influencer with 100K followers but minimal engagement rate.
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products – More and more consumers are using social media, with 54% of them using social media to research products it is essential that your business has a prominent online presence.
  • 49% of consumers claim they rely on influencer recommendations – An endorsement from an influencer will go a long long way to building your brands name up and driving traffic to your own website and social channels.
  • 88.5% of Irish internet users say they have used YouTube within the last month – Instead of sticking with the norm of Facebook, Twitter and Google ads, take a leap of faith and make use of YouTube!
  • The average time spent on social media by Irish users is 1hr 55mins – Get to know who your audience is and how long they spend online. This way, you can time your posts to perfection!

There we have it! Another 10 days worth of tips for you all gathered up nicely for you.