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Twitter image size

Twitter is a place where you can get away with rather a lot, but pixelated media? Not a chance!  Here is all you need to know about correct media sizes for Twitter.

By including media in your tweets they are 3X more likely to get engagements, so getting the right size is important for building your brand.  The most commonly used media is:

  • Header image – 1500 x 500
  • Profile picture – 400 x 400
  • Newsfeed media – 1600 x 900

For newsfeed media, Twitter supports JPG PNG and GIF.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has its own ads.  Each of these has its own recommendations for media size.

  • Carousel – 800 x 800 with a max file size of 20MB
  • Website card image – 800 x 418
  • Direct message card – 800 x 418
  • Conversion card – 800 x 418
  • Website image card 800 x 418
  • Single use images 600 x 335

To get more information on how to use Twitter ads to get the best out of your brand get in touch and we can go through a roadmap or a strategy with you and take you through step by step!