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Let’s start this off with a stat.  85% of businesses report generating new clients through social media.


This post will focus on 1 part of how it is done, for many it’s the most important part. The copywriting.

I’ll take you through a few strategies used in social media copywriting, but first, why is copywriting important for social media?  Imagine yourself running the social media of a brand, but not posting any content.  No users will be able to come across on their news feed, you’ll have nothing to draw them in.  So the copy of your posts is what your potential customers are seeing to make them want to see what’s on offer.

You don’t have to be a well established author to write great copy, all you need is an understanding of your audience and an understanding of your product/service.  Your copy will lead them on a journey finishing with a conversion.  So figure out:

  • Who your users are
  • What your users want
  • How you can help them

So, once you have figured that out what strategies can you use to create that eye catching copy?

Evoke Emotions

Now we’re not saying you have to scare or upset people, but using copy that gets the user thinking is what will bring them to you.  People don’t buy products using logic, they buy using emotion and try to justify the purchase after, using logic.  Humans are driven by feelings, so get your users to feel theirs.

An example would be companies that offer car servicing – They would use the phrase “peace of mind” a lot.  Reading that phrase makes you think there’s a chance your car may not be safe, but they will make the car safe.  Meaning a trip to their garage will ease your worries. (and give them a sale).

Entice Conversations

When scrolling through social media people are drawn to questions.  Whether they be trivia questions – wondering whether they get the answer right, or simple trivial questions like “What is your ideal breakfast?” – I know I’d scroll through those comments to see the differences of what people eat.

So use questions like these to your advantage,

  • “Tell us what you think about…”
  • “Leave in the comments your opinion on..”
  • “Which do you prefer, A or B?”

Social media for brands is no longer about constant self promotion, engage with your audience to stand a better chance of gaining new clients and customers.  As a bonus, this will also boost your organic reach!

Teach Your Audience New Things

We all like learning new things, and we’d be easily persuaded to purchase things off of the people that are teaching us.

Every so often post facts and stats about your industry to your audience and link to blog posts written by your brand.  This will not only teach your audience new things from your industry but will also prove to them that you and your brand are knowledgeable, trustworthy and deserving of their time and money.

These are just a few of the strategies that can be used to bring new customers through social media.  Get in touch with Socially today and we can talk you through each of our services and choose which one best suits you and your brand.