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how often to post on social media - socially - social media agency

A common question we get asked regarding social media marketing is “how often should we be posting on our channels?”  Well, to get more of an understanding of this you need to know that each post on each of the channels has a life span.

By life span we mean the time the post is able to be seen openly on a newsfeed before it disappears and can only be seen unless you’re specifically searching for it on the account’s home page.  So below is a list of the different channels and each life span.

  • A general blog post – > 1 year
  • Pinterest – 4 months
  • YouTube – 20 days
  • Instagram – 48 hours
  • LinkedIn – 24 hours
  • Facebook – 6 hours
  • Twitter – 15 mins
  • TikTok – < 10 mins

Knowing these should give you more of a sense of how often to post on each of the channels.  Of course there’s more to take into account than just these stats like when is the best time to post for your audience, the type of content, etc.  But these should get you started!

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