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If your were to describe what an influencer was to someone 10 years ago, you’d get a reaction along the lines of “go out and get a real job”.  Well in 2021 being an online influencer is a real job, and a very lucrative one too.  Instagram accounts with around 10,000 real followers will be offered freebies or even up to $80 per post.  Then once you move up the influencer ladder you earn more and more money per post and have brands actively seek you out to endorse their product.

So here’s a question.  How influential can influencers actually be?

Very, it seems.  Here’s a few stats according to a recent report:

  • 40% of Twitter users made purchases based on a Tweet
  • 60% of consumers would consider buying a product if endorsed by an influencer
  • 60% of teenagers follow advice given by influencers over others

These stats go a long way to proving that when an influencer says something on their account, a lot of people listen.

One of the top influencers on Instagram is Amanda Cerny with almost 25 million followers.  Amanda’s feed is mixture of single image posts, Carousel posts and videos.  Consistently pulling in hundreds of thousands of likes and even up to 1 million likes on a single image.

If you haven’t heard of her, go and take a look at her Insta page to see just how she pulls in so many likes.  Plus she has a seriously cute dog, so that helps too!