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AR social media training meath

Virtual reality has really taken off in the last few years, with the emergence of the Oculus and PSVR, but it is still yet to be something we can use in everyday life.  So the next best thing is augmented reality (AR).  Simply put, AR is great.  AR is everything from your snapchat filters giving you dog ears to helping you become a Pokémon master with Pokémon Go!  AR gives you the chance to live in your own virtual space but without wearing a ridiculous helmet.

So what else can AR do besides making you look like a dog?  Well AR can actually be very helpful to you for marketing purposes, especially alongside social media.

Every so often, Snapchat release branded filters. Examples of these branded features include:

  • Taco Bell – This filter made your face look like a taco, along with the Taco Bell logo in the corner of the screen
  • McDonalds – At every McDonalds location you can use a geo filter where the McDonalds logo appears on the screen and an image of fries being poured onto your head.

Snapchat were the first social media platform to make AR a big part of their company.  Facebook, Instagram and more recently TikTok have followed suit.  So how else can AR be used in your business?  With the COVID pandemic nearing an end, shops are beginning to reopen but expectedly, people are still hesitant about stepping out into the physical world – This is where AR comes in to the picture.

AR is a massive tool to have in your arsenal for online business, retail especially.  Instead of someone coming into a shop to try on clothes, AR could show them what the dress/top/jeans would look like on them from the comfort of their own home, just by using their mobile device.  Specsavers have an AR program that shows you how different glasses would look on you, and even Currys use AR to show you how a potential electronic purchase would look in your house!  The only downside to using it is it does play with your hopes and dreams a little, I recently found out through Currys’ AR app that I would have nowhere to fit an 85″ Tv in my house.  Which was disappointing.

More and more businesses are making use of the AR technology available, linking it through to their social channels so their thousands of followers can make use of it too.

if you have the capability to use AR for your business (even as a bit of a gimmick) then do.  AR is not going away.