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If your business is online and you already have your social media channels set up, is there anything else you can do to get some sort of more advertising for free?  Of course there is, in this post we will be focusing on the free of charge Google: My Business.

Google My Business is a tool for business owners all over the world to easily access and customize how their business is seen on Googles many tools. E.g. Maps, search, Ads.  This also makes is easier for users to find you too as Google places businesses over to the right of the page.

socially - google my business

The right hand side of the page shows the business the user is looking for, the opening hours, and even how to find with a clickable link to directions.  Having customers find your business has never been so easy!

You are also given the opportunity to advertise your products, services, social channels and even create posts to share on your Google profile page.

Once your profile is up and running it offers an analytics tool to see just how customers search for your business, how many people have seen your business from Google, how many have called directly from your profile and how many times your photos have been viewed.

The most useful aspect of a My Business profile is that you can read and reply to customer Google reviews easily!


Google has lots to offer businesses, not only with a business profile but with your advertising.  Google is offering a €75 coupon to get your first Google ads campaign set up and also offers to match your budget up to €120!

Get in touch with us for more information on how to put Google to good use for your business.