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Socially - hardtop driveways

When Gavin McArdle came home from the States, he knew he needed an effective online presence to help launch his asphalt driveway business and generate leads quickly.

He also knew that Facebook was likely to be his best source of sales enquiries.

What he didn’t know at that stage was that Socially would help prove him right!

As with any social media account, content is a key factor in how successful your campaigns will be.

So we worked with Gavin on his text, photographic and video Facebook post content and this has resulted in a consistent increase in his engagement levels, his page likes and, most importantly, his lead generation.


Note: industry analysis will tell you that average Facebook engagement rates are between 1% and 3.5%. We are consistently delivering around 10% engagement rates on Hardtop Driveways organic Facebook posts – that is why building a good audience matters.


Some Facebook stats since page launch and during April:

  • 2,263 total page likes
  • 2,367 total page followers
  • 103 new likes in April
  • 1,005 page views in April
  • 52,578 people reached through posts in April
  • 12,517 engagements in April
  • average 449 people reached organically per post during April
  • 32,564 video views in April

It is important to remember that these posts relate to driveways and block-paving and so don’t automatically have the same photographic appeal of food, fashion and far-flung locations where generating post engagement and page likes will occur more effortlessly.

Gavin has been able to run the lead generation part of his business primarily via Facebook due to the effectiveness of the social media strategy put in place.

The Hardtop Driveways Facebook campaigns are being supported by an effective website,, built by our sister company

This 2-pronged digital marketing strategy ( social media + web site ) works very effectively for Gavin as people who view Facebook posts can visit the website for more information and validation of their interest.

At the same time, effective website SEO brings people to the site who may then become Facebook page followers which keeps Hardtop Driveways on their radar for future consideration.

To learn more about how Socially can help co-ordinate your digital marketing approach, contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss.