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Facebook podcast - socially

In a previous post, we brought you the news that Facebook is moving forward on an audio app to rival Clubhouse.  Today we can bring you the news that Facebook aren’t happy with just the new audio app, they are bringing out even more audio features to the social platform.

Facebook have invested in making a “sound studio in your pocket” and by the sounds of it, it will be very interesting and fun to use!  The features available on the platform will include:

Soundbites – Short creative audio clips, a little like voice notes on WhatsApp.  Facebook are working with public figures and inspirational speakers in creating Soundbites.

Podcasts – Until now, to listen to a podcast in a Facebook group you have had to leave Facebook and log on to a 3rd party site.  Facebook is bringing the ability to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app in the coming months.  The option to listen to the podcasts while the Facebook app is running in the background while you do other things will be a welcome one.

Creators will even be able to turn live audio into a podcast so they can save it and listen to it all again later.  All new features will have the options of showing captions too, making it more accessible to all users.