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Facebook search bar - socially

A massive part of being successful in business is how easily your business or service is found online, usually through search engines.  Your place in the search rankings can be altered by performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Facebook also offers a search function, so how does Facebook determine what results get shown and in what order?

Facebook stress that the most important piece of information to take from this is that the results are only influenced by on Facebook activity not by any activity off Facebook, as that would go against their privacy policy.

Results for your search are also based around how engaged the resulting pages are (most active pages to the top, least active to the bottom).  They are also based on how your own activity, something that Facebook deems more relevant to you may show up on the results higher than the thing that you’re actually searching for.

Your Facebook search results are adapted based on your general community activity

From a business point of view, to make sure your page gets to the top of search results you need to make sure that your page is active in the community, by posting frequently, replying to comments and even making sure your profile is completed and your call to action buttons are all working.

To make sure your Facebook pages are as optimized as can be, contact us at Socially and we can work our magic to enhance your social presence.