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Facebook image size

In another of our blog posts here on Socially we give a brief overview of image sizes for profile pictures, headers, and newsfeed images.  This post is focused on Facebook and all of it’s media.

Let’s dive in.  To avoid any unwanted surprises happening to your image first of all upload either JPG or PNG.  This keeps any compression from happening.  The 4 most common images that are uploaded are a cover photo, a profile picture and a timeline image.  Recommended image sizes for these are:

  • Cover photo – 820 x 312 for desktop and 640 x 360 for mobile devices.
  • Profile picture – 170 x 170 but will vary to 128 x 128 on mobile devices, both images are square but will then have to be cropped into a circle frame.  This is made easy by the slider tool.
  • Timeline photo – These are the general photos you upload on a daily basis, recommended for these is 1200 x 630
  • Timeline video – 1280 x 720

We have those covered in more detail here but there are still many more media options available to us on Facebook.  Next up, we have Stories.

  • Stories are shown in portrait view and they use up all of the space on your phone, so recommended is 1080 x 1920

Next we have panoramic photos.  These look very nice when done properly, but they are huge when it comes to actual size

  • These can be up to 135,000,000 pixels but no less then 35,000 here is more instruction from Facebook on how to do correctly.

When uploading more than 2 images at the one time you may use Facebook’s carousel feature.

  • Recommended for carousel is 1200 x 1200

For event pages, the cover photos are larger than on your profile page.

  • Event cover photos should be 1200 x 630.

Now for the paid ads on Facebook, this is the easy bit.

  • Feed ads
  • Column ads
  • Instant article photos
  • Marketplace ads
  • Sponsored message ads
  • Facebook search ads

All of these are recommended to be square shaped media measuring 1080 x 1080

I hope after reading this there is a little less confusion.  Socially has many more blogs you can read that are informative on all things social media.