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In 2020 for the first time since it’s inception, the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.

The cancellation obviously meant that there would be no winner, but it was judged on social media (through Facebook likes) that Russia would be the clear winners.

Each year before the contest, the Eurovision’s social media pages release the official video for each entrant.  So this year before the competition begins, we at Socially decided to ‘predict’ the winner through social media.  Social media is easily available all over the world so we’re deeming this a pretty fool proof way of predicting the outcome even with only seeing a handful of entrants ourselves.

The chosen platform used for our psychic abilities is YouTube.  Again – Fool proof.

Below is a chart of how each country will fare!

Congratulations Russia!  As we can see, they are the clear winners of Eurovision 2021 with 305,000 likes on their entry’s official video uploaded by the Eurovision Song Contest channel.  Instead of being impartial, I’m slightly disappointed Iceland didn’t win to be honest, but that’s how it goes.

2nd and 3rd place was a close run thing between Ukraine with 150,000 likes and Azerbaijan with 147,000 likes, but unfortunately neither were anywhere close to the winners. Some notable mentions are:

  • Ireland 27k
  • UK 29k
  • France 43k
  • San Marino (featuring flo rider!) 34k

There we have it. Through irrefutable science, we have predicted the Eurovision outcome.  Stay tuned for more predictions of upcoming world events, all through social media!