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Do people know who you are?

*and what you do.
A few years ago, I was out one evening talking with a friend of my younger brother David.
I knew this friend reasonably well too and something he said surprised me.

Mark, if I didn't know you personally, I wouldn't know what you do...

He was referring to the web design side of our business and being from a small town, I had this naive understanding that of course everyone locally would know of our existence.

But then I thought of all the great local businesses we had built websites for and I realised that I didn’t know many of them before they made their initial contact with us.

Many of these businesses are highly successful and are great local success stories – but I was still unaware of them.

So your level of obscurity is probably much higher than you think.

And if people don’t know you, then they can’t do business with you.

David’s friend’s lack of awareness of what we do made me appreciate that we need to tell people about our services.

And then we need to consistently repeat that message on an ongoing basis across multiple channels.

If you would like assistance doing the same, please reach out as we’d love to help.