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A short while ago, we published a piece detailing how augmented reality (AR) can help your business and is overall a pretty cool feature.  Well, it still can help your business and it is still pretty cool.

But now Snapchat in partnership with Publicis Media have released a report detailed just how useful AR can be and how it can influence peoples purchasing decisions.  The big stat to look for here is 66% of people are more likely to purchase something after having a branded AR experience. 

AR can be used in many different forms for brands:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Virtual Try-On
  • AR Home Décor
  • Product Personalization
Socially - augmented reality

It can be said that the COVID pandemic has accelerated the progress of AR somewhat, but that doesn’t take away the fact that AR is definitely not just a phase that will slowly be forgotten about.  Over 3/4 people believe AR will play an even bigger part in how people shop over the course of the next 5 years.  With 57% saying they will increase AR use after the pandemic.

So there we have it, it is not just us saying it.  It’s official, AR is cool.

It might just be the future of commerce too..